Video: Shepard Fairey x MTN Colors

In giving Shepard Fairey’s collaboration with Montana Colors a little more perspective, the man himself divulges in why he chose to use, and still uses to this day, the versatile paint brand. Without a doubt a fan of its products, Fairy explains why Montana Colors is his top choice, mentioning its fast drying, non-drip durability that makes it perfect for street bombing. With some added insight into his stencil technique and a little on his current studio practices, Fairey makes it clear that he won’t be substituting for any other paint brand while on the street, especially since he now has his own named set to work with.

Erik R. Adler

Erik R. Adler

Editorial Director
Erik Adler is the Editorial Director for GroundWave Media Group. He's what you might call 'Man Pretty'
Erik R. Adler

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