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For those of you out there that think 50 Cent invented hip-hop, it’s time to recognize. Before “rap music,” the four main elements of hip-hop were DJing, Bboying, Graffiti and Emceeing. Although these elements do still get represented globally, seldom…

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NVC Crew

Better known in the urban art community as NVC, toy customizing team Spive and Dr. Bao have been pushing plastic for a hot minute now. With a passion for ninjas and Asian culture, their models have been featured around the…

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Snowboard Jackets

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or it’s your first time on the mountain, it can be quite a mission looking for the perfect snowboard jacket. One way to look at finding a jacket that’s a good fit for you is…

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Graffiti World

Modern graffiti has played a special role in the art world since its early years, but recently that role has undergone a change. Graffiti is, at its roots, a subversive form of communication. A form of communication aimed at inspiring…

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RZA – Afro Samurai Soundtrack

Super-Producer Rza of Wu-Tang fame has been broadening his horizons for some time now, taking stints in acting, and producing a spectacular soundtrack for the Tarantino masterpiece Kill Bill. Rza’s latest musical project is a soundtrack for the upcoming SpikeTV…

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Neo Soul

Neo Soul is R&B music fused with other genres like Soul, Jazz and Hip-hop. The genre first started in the mid-90’s with Tony!Toni!Tone`! and became more popular later when D’Angelo and Maxwell released albums. Neo Soul artists tend to shy…

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