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Art, Deep Cover

Comic Inspired

Every rapper fancies themself a super-hero, or in some cases, a villain. Ask Jean Grae, DJ Clark Kent, Tony Starks or MF Doom. They’ve got the fancy cars, the cool names, and the never-ending adventures running through their careers. How…

Art, The Art Of

All City Style

For the artist who has always aspired to paint on trains, but who has never made it to the train-yard, we present All City Trains. Perhaps it’s those menacing steel monsters; perhaps it’s the barbed wire fence, or the threat…

Art, Spraycan Stories


Starting out in Scarborough, Ontario, Jose A. Parada, better known in the graf community as Duro3, became familiar with the span of Canada’s train yards over ten years ago, painting his first train in 1995. Since then, he’s gone on…

Extra, Extra, Fashion

Varsity Jackets

You might not have to try-out for a spot on a roster to get some of this stylish winter wear, but you’ll probably have to do some hunting and pay top dollar to acquire one of these pieces. In the…

Introducing, Movies, STD

Kung-Fu Movies

While Hollywood has latched onto recent films like Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Jet Li’s Hero—trying to profit off of Hong Kong’s unique style of film-making—many people are being introduced to the New School of Kung-Fu flicks without…

Books, Classic Releases, STD

I Am 8-Bit

The video game boom of the 80’s brought video games into the mainstream. Those who grew up during gamings’ golden era know how significant these games became as a part of the culture. Mario has become ubiquitous, and people from…

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