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Top 10 Mainstream Albums of 2006

2006 was a year filled with comebacks, delayed releases, and pleasant surprises. With the eruption of the Game’s Doctor’s Advocate, the critical content of The Roots Game Theory, the seemingly unbelievable track “Black Republican†from Nas’s Hip Hop is Dead,…

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Top 10 Hip-Hop DVDs of 2006

It’s a basic concept – take the components of any successful hip-hop album, put them on a video and sell it for the same price as an album. With advances in technology, and hip-hop’s continued mainstream rise, this year, the…

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Top 15 Sneakers of 2006

It was a good year, to rephrase Ice Cube, for those who like sneakers more than they aught. New technology was unveiled, legacies continued and revered favorites were resurrected. Indeed, the past couple years have seen more technological innovation than…

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Top 10 Streetwear Hoodies of 2006

In England, hoodies are known as the clothing of choice by hooligans. That’s why a lot of establishments in the UK, especially malls, have banned entry to those wearing them. It seems anyone rocking a hoodie can’t be trusted these…

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