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In a materialistic industry, where most brands idea of “getting political” is screen-printing a graphic tee covering whatever the latest news issue is—primarily for shock value and hype, not because of any true desire for positive change—Scifen is a refreshing…

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At 26, M.W.M. is balancing his career, wife and child, long-time graffiti ties and his bottom line: bills, bills, bills! Like Clark Kent, M.W.M. is a suit-and-tie-type by day, working as artistic director for an advertising agency in Maine, but…

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For this issue of Spraycan Stories, Servo tells Format what it is like to be a graffiti artist coming from the West Coast of Canada now residing in Japan

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Native Tongues

There was a time when pop wasn’t hip-hop and hip-hop most definitely was not pop. If you can remember that far back, then you’re likely familiar with the Native Tongues. Though there were plenty of Afrocentric bandwagon-jumpers, the Native Tongues,…

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Buff Monster Cans

Los Angeles artist Buff Monster is known primarily throughout the world for his street art. These are the cans that started it all. Inspried by ice cream, heavy metal, porn, and graffiti, the ‘Color Series’ set features brightly colored paintings…

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Strapback Hats

If anything, the only times adjustable caps were considered a hot item was during the rise of the recent trucker hat trend and the days when camper caps stepped on the scene circa mid to late 90’s. Camper caps made…

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Style Wars

Style Wars is the Star Wars of the hip-hop generation. Just as Star Wars ushered in the era of the special-effects blockbuster, Style Wars is the founding film of the hip-hop cinematic genre–the one that got you open, the one…

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Styles P – Time is Money

Supposedly success is limited to 15 minutes in the spotlight; Styles P aims to dismantle this claim with his sophomore release Time Is Money. Battling label counterparts, industry bullshit and an audience with the attention span of a moth, the…

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