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Top 10 Designer Toys of 2006

It’s been an up and down year for toys. The market’s a tad saturated at the moment, especially on the platform toy front. But for all the bilge that’s been released, there have been plenty of pearls. Well, there’s been…


Stussy Spring 2007 Collection

Stussy keeps ‘em coming this Spring 2007 with more all-over-hoodies, full sized print tees, bomber jackets, jeans and the usual, as seen in Boon mag (JAP). Drops in Feb. Info.Image: Hypebeast


Nike SB Crew Collection Preview

Here’s a preview of the new Nike SB Crew Spring skate Collection. Little is known so far but expect a range of clothing, prints and accessories. Pop on your black framed glasses and take a good look, sonny boy. Info.Image:…


Bape Flight Jacket

Deeply modern, this is the jacket for steady mobbin’ in the snowy black foreshadows of world war thizzle. But seriously, when a crew comes this hard you have to give respect due. Leather and Fur, the war is over and…


Nike Jordan V’s in New York Knicks Colorway

For the truly complex individual comes a shoe which contradicts its own existence; Jordan V’s in the Knicks colorway. Jordan smashed the dreams of so many Knick fans repeatedly throughout the 90′s making this shoe a sort of unofficial reconciliation…


Huf Classic Lock up Hoodies

My people, they call it classic for a reason, so act like you knew. A mix of felt and embroidery in two royally-fresh colourways. These hoodies are tailor-made for classic urban lifestyles, and by classic I mean NES classic and…


Latest Absurd T-shirt Collection

Don’t call it a comeback, but everyone’s favourite ear-chewing, Mao-lovin’ maniac is back in the global media, this time coming to us in the form of a cutting-edge tee from Absurd. Say what you want, but Tyson is a warrior…


Leroy Jenkins Collection

Leroy Jenkins have now added t-shirts to their fledgling collection. The t-shirts will join their all-over-print hoodies, both of which are now available at Lions Dens. info.image: Hypebeast

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